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Automotive Specialty Tools

  • Honda/Acura Crankshaft Pulley Holder (7315)

    Honda Harmonic Balancer Holding ToolTitan Model# 51700Titan's 51700 50mm crankshaft pulley holder tool is designed to aid in the removal and installation of the crank bolt on most Honda® and Acura® engines. When used with a 1/2" breaker bar...

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  • 10mm Square Female Socket (14112)

    10-Millimeter Female Square Head Drain Plug Socket CTA Tools Model# 2048 CTA Tools 2048 10-Millimeter Female Square Head Drain Plug Socket is designed to service male square plugs commonly found on BMW, Ford, Toyota and Renault vehicles. Use this drain...

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  • O2 Sensor Flex Head Wrench

    O2 Sensor Wrench chrome finish (34199)

    O2 Sensor Wrench Neiko Tools Model# 03048A This heavy duty oxygen sensor wrench removes and installs oygen sensors.  The O2 wrench is made with Chrome Vanadium and has a flexible head and uniquely curved handle.  It works on most automobiles...

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    Drain Plug Socket Audi / VW 12 Pt. (1909)

    Audi & VW Drain Plug Socket VIM Tools Model# XZN116MH VIM Tools Audi and VW 3/8" Drive Drain Plug Socket is 16MM XZN with tamper proof recess. 3/8" Drive 16mm XZN Tamper Proof Recess

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    Universal Lock Out Tool Heavy Duty KitAJWH Model# CHIL0001-HDThis Universal Lock Out Tool Kit will unlock 95% of domestic and foreign cars and trucks.  It is used by law enforcement, tow truck operators and many other public service agencies. ...

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    Compact Oxygen Sensor Socket (12991)

    Offset Oxygen Sensor Wrench Wilmar Model# W84008 Use the Compact Offset Oxygen Sensor Wrench by Wilmar to remove and install sensors on computerized engine control vehicles.  Wilmar W84008 Oxygen Sensor Wrench is designed with offset for easy use...

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    Oxygen Sensor Socket Chr-V (12905)

    Oxygen/Vacuum Sensor Socket Wilmar Model# W1267 Save time removing sensors on computerized engines with the extra long heavy duty steel Oxygen Sensor Socket by Wilmar.  The W1267 Oxygen Sensor Socket has a cutaway slot for clearance of wires and...

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  • Oxygen Sensor Remover (2654)

    Pneumatic Oxygen Sensor Remover Lisle Model# 43900 The Pneumatic Oxygen Sensor Remover by Lisle is desgined to be used with an air hammer to remove stubborn baked-on oxygen sensors.  The pneumatic action works where conventional sockets will not...

  • Oil Pump Primer - Ford 5/16" Hex Shaft ( NEW ) (14134)

    Oil Pump Primer - Ford 5/16" Hex DriveCTA Tools Model# 2102CTA Tools 2102 Oil Pump Primer - Ford with 5/16-Inch Hex Drive is designed to prime the lubricating system of new and rebuilt engines.  The Oil Pump Primer works by sending oil to the...

  • Oil Pump Primer - GM (14133)

    Oil Pump Primer - GM (14133)

    Oil Pump Primer - GMCTA Tools Model# 2101CTA Tools 2101 Oil Pump Primer - GM is designed to prime the lubricating system of new and rebuilt engines. The Oil Pump Primer works by sending oil to the internal moving parts before the first start...