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Air Compressor Hoses & Accessories

Browse through our selection of well-priced compressed air hoses from Flexzilla. The Flexzilla is a highly-rated, well-trusted name in air compressor hoses. It features a premium polymer material for ideal flexibility and as well as an impressive, kink-resistant bend radius. It is also guaranteed to work in temperatures ranging from -40° to 150° F. Compare our low prices with other suppliers and see the difference when you buy an air compressor hose from Dough Boys Tools.

Use your air compression hose to take care of all of your most demanding tasks and expect the best execution every time. You won’t ever have to worry about an inefficient air compressor hose or fighting against rough weather conditions. Dough Boys Tools works to supply all of our customers with only the best products, reasonable prices, and personal service to ensure your experience will exceed all expectations. Our air compressor hoses will serve as an excellent solution for tasks in your workplace or projects done at home.

Visit us at our store in Spokane, Washington, or have a compressor hose shipped directly to your home or business. We offer free shipping for all clients within the contingent United States, and we will ship items to Canada as well as any location within the United States.

Read more about our shipping and return policies under the “Shipping & Returns” tab.