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Air Compressor Hose Fittings & Connectors

Browse a series of our air compressor hose fittings to accompany your compressor air hose. Find air hose fittings of different sizes, materials, and colors to suit your different project needs and size requirements. We guarantee that our inventory will be able to provide you with an air compressor hose fitting to suit any project you might tackle.

You likely use your air compressor hose for a diverse series of tasks. Our inventory includes a wide variety of air compressor hose fittings designed to help you eliminate tool crossing and air line contamination, featuring a color coding system allowing users to easily match couplers and plugs. With comprehensive application and simplified purchasing and shipping, you’ll be able to find the air hose fitting to complete any task. Compare our prices to other retailers and see why Dough Boys Tools offers competitive prices on top-of-the-line products.

Visit us on location in Spokane, Washington, or have an air compressor hose shipped directly to your home or business. We offer free shipping for all clients within the contingent United States, and will ship to Canada to.

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